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Riding for Development programme - Participants arrive at the start of their session time, put on their supplied boots and helmets and are introduced to their horse and volunteer helper by the Coach who helps them. 

Participants will partake in a series of activities that help participants develop hand-eye coordination, balance, confidence, muscle strength and basic riding skills. Our aim is to encourage and challenge participants through obtainable goals, individually tailored to each child's goals and abilities.   Focus is discussed to benefit a need within school, home or within the community. Taupo RFD runs nine sessions a week over three days.

EAG programme - (Ground based, NOT riding)

This programme focuses on building trust and mental well-being, within a calm, caring environment for essential for healing. Allowing space for individual growth and giving tools/coping strategies to help begin their new journey with confidence and inner peace.  This course is designed to build confidence, while working as a team with positive social engagement elements/opportunities, whilst stablishing building blocks for learning and education.

Cost of programmes are available upon request, please email

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All Applications must be made using the correct form/s (below). Forms can also be obtained by emailing us or popping in.   

Participants cannot start sessions without all required forms being filled in

Please note: Medical forms need to be completed by a doctor, if the participant requires this due to a procedure or physical restriction.

Currently there is a waiting list, but we aim to help as soon as we can, so please get in touch. 

We ask that riders arrive no more than 5 minutes before the start of their session time, and no later than 5 minutes after. 

If you are unable to make a session, please let the Coach know as soon as possible by phoning

(07) 377 0192

If a rider wishes to withdraw from the programme, please make this known in writing to

Remember to wear appropriate clothing, including long pants and socks. The indoor arena can be chilly in the winter so we recommend a warm sweater or jacket.  Sunscreen in summer.


Sessions operate during school terms

RIDING SESSIONS (4 sessions per day)

Session days

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

9.05AM - 12.05PM

EAG SESSIONS (2 sessions per day)

Session days

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

3.30PM & 4.15PM

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